How to use Muuchhad Beard Oil?

Grooming Beard is in trend nowadays but is not an easy process. As moisturizer is required for Skin, conditioner for hair, Beard requires Beard Oil for nourishment and protection. Many people face problems growing beards due to patchy whiskers and slow growth. In order to overcome these problems and grow a healthy Beard it is recommended to use a Beard Oil.

Tips for applying beard oil

The best time for applying Beard Oil is after a hot shower after drying the beard completely, as the facial hair gets cleaned and becomes smoothes and beard oil can easily be absorbed by the facial hair.

Beard Oil Application

  1. Take 6-8 drops of Beard Oil in your palm and rub them in both hands palm to spread the oil evenly across the hands.
  2. After evenly distributing the oil in both hands, rub your palms along the sides of your beard.
  3. Then rub your palm down side covering the mustache.
  4. Later use both hands up one by one through the bottom of your beard.
  5. Use finger tips to rub against the mustache.
  6. After completely rubbing every part covering the beard area use a comb to spread the oil.
  7. The above steps should be repeated once daily to grow a healthy beard.